Who are we, and what are we all about?

Imagine. Create. Realise. With our team of experienced and talented people we have the tools to make ideas into reality.

Our Company


Our History

Since the start back in 2002, 2sol has gained a wide respect within the Information Technology community. Kicking off building websites during the .com boom, we quickly established a good reputation with customers - some whom have stayed with us ever since.  Key to knowing how online business works is absolutely essential.

2sol has grown and become a leader in the travel technology industry and has developed online distribution systems for travel companies in Asia, America and Europe, and maintains a solid base of long term clients who have come to depend on the expertise and reliability that 2sol continues to provide.

The company continues to expand and extend its technology expertise in the travel, mining, education and health industries.  

The company continues to expand and extend its technology expertise in the travel, mining, education and health industries. And is now a proud supplier to the Queensland Government. 

Our Approach

We ensure that the needs of our clients, their stakeholders and our staff are met in a manner that drives success for everyone involved.  We build our client relationships through interaction and ensure everyone is always up to date and well informed.  This approach has not only helped us maintain healthy long-term relationships with our customers, but also to allow us to grow our own businesses successfully.  

We uphold ethical and focus on goal-driven outcomes using agile software development and project management methodologies. Through this we have gained widespread respect from our reputation.


Our Culture

We only employ people we want to be around.  Period.  We have a great team of people who with constantly evolving skills along with the business.  Every day produces a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn.   Our friendly team is always approachable easy to interact with. 

We have a strong team of engineers and architects with experience and expertise in agile and traditional software development methodologies. Within our team, we have Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (.NET Technologies), Project Management Professional (PMP), Scrum Master Certifications, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Computer Science), Master of Science (Computer Science), Bachelor of Engineering , Master of Technology.  Yes, we're all geeks!


Our Technologies

2sol has moved with the times.  Technology is evolving every year, and we are always right there at the cutting edge.  But we don't forget where we came from either.  Some technologies we are working with right now are iOS, HTML/HTML5, .NET,  Ionic, SQL Server, Firebase, MongoDB, Android, NodeJS, Bootstrap and Angular JS.  

And just because we don't have expertise today in one area, doesn't mean we still won't tomorrow.




We aren't just a bunch of geeks. We are highly motivated and entrepreneurial individuals who all fit in perfectly to create the A-team. While consulting is where we started, our business is going into a new phase. We are investing our time and putting our energies into new ventures that we believe in. Technology to make lives easier. Better.

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